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We're proud to have served our local Puyallup community and our surrounding neighbors in Tacoma and the Seattle area since 1959. Our passion is listening to customer needs and finding the way to a happy and satisfied conclusion. Our Mazda vehicles bring a premium, fully-connected experience, great fuel efficiency and Mazda Zoom-Zoom performance in a vehicle you enjoy driving, without a premium price. You might say, "fully loaded on a budget!"

Our large selection of pre-owned vehicles are a mix of cars, trucks, SUVs and 4x4s, all quality inspected and offered at the lowest prices to you. Call or visit us, we'll listen, then give you an experience in car-buying filled with passion and performance.


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Last week I had my transmission go out in my only 79k miles. It was very unexpected and was quoted a hefty amount for a Ford rebuilt transmission. I recently changed jobs and was not in the need for a truck any longer. My family decided to start shopping for a new vehicle.

Based on a ton of research...we had it narrowed down to either a Subaru Forester or Mazda CX5. Personally....I never thought of Mazda as a good brand...until I began researching. I still thought that I would end up with the Forester though.

Milam Mazda and Subaru of Puyallup are right next to each other. We started at Subaru because we had an appointment...but after walking around for about 20 minutes and passing several salesmen, we got totally ignored. I do not like salesmen that stalk you, but we didn't even get a hello.

We then walked over to Mazda. Very quickly a salesman noticed and greeted us - Chris Wodjenski. He was very pleasant, laid back, asked what we were looking for, why we were there, etc. We told him about the truck and that we were interested in the CX5. He quickly got us in one that we were had the features I liked and let us test drive it. We were impressed with everything about it. When we came back...we were honest eith Chris and told him we wanted to compare it to the Subaru. We walked back across the street and basically had to grab a salesman to ask for a test drive.

Long story short...although the Subaru had its pluses....Mazda came out on top. Chris Wodjenski, the finance team, and the manager were awesome!! I highly recommend! The customer service was top notch and we left with a vehicle that suits our family and is highly rated.
Ken T.
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Found our dream Jeep with Milam Mazda! The sales process was simple, not bothersome pressure salesmanship, and the finance manager was very detailed, which helped us to understand the terms of the loan and the options that would make sense for us. After detailing, the Jeep looked brand new and we couldn't have been happier! Will definitely look to Milam Mazda in mind for future purchases!
Jason S.
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Ben was straightforward and offered a good price. No pressure sales. He made the whole buying process smooth. I would also like to thank Segi and the rest of the team for giving us such a good buying experience. Would recommend this dealership for their straightforwardness when conducting businesses.
Hugh H.
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We purchased a 2015 CX-5 with Ben last year and I had posted a less than stellar review based on the paint condition of the new car. I hadn't updated that review to say that we came to a mutual agreement with the manager and we were satisfied. We got a call this last sunday that they wanted to buy our lease back so we ran in to see what they would offer. We worked with Ben again and I must say this was a great experience. We suffered buyers remorse the next day and they allowed us to come back in and look back over their inventory. When all was said and done we left with the same vehicle but feeling better about the decision. Ben was extremely patient with us and went above and beyond. I would highly recommend Milam and Ben.
Angela W.
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I had one of the best experiences buying a car here.
Chris Wodjenski and I were emailing over the course of a week and the only reason I decided to make the trek to Puyallup rather than go to any other local Mazda dealer was because of his continuous patience, kindness, & understanding. I came down without an appointment on a Saturday and although Chris was with another customer he gracefully introduced me to Richard Samuels who then helped me narrow down which vehicle I wanted.
Richard didn't pressure me to come in and work numbers - the transition felt very smooth as we sat down, he offered my husband and I beverages and we started in on the process of negotiations. I believe (partially because of my indecisiveness) we were there about three hours, and for a Saturday afternoon I feel that was pretty quick. Richard was awesome throughout the entire process and had a laid back "I work for you" attitude which was great.
Finance was quick, straightforward and to the point. Johnny didn't pressure me into buying anything I didn't want and he somehow made signing a bunch of paperwork a breeze and almost enjoyable.
Once it came time to take delivery, Chris walked me through the entire car, as well as the service and parts department in a quick manner so that I'd be familiar when it comes time to get my first (free!) oil change.

All in all my experience was fantastic and I definitely recommend Chris, Richard and Johnny along with the entire Milam Mazda Crew.
Kristin W.
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I have heard that Milam Mazda had a great service department & body shop so when my son damaged/bent his front axle/wheel I called them first. Alex Black took my call and I was impressed with her professionalism and knowledge of what exactly what my son had done to his car just by me describing what happened. I had the vehicle towed to Milam Mazda and was met by Alex Black and Tom Maggerise, Milam's Service Manager. Both Alex and Tom were very helpful in getting my son's car checked in and assured us that they would be quick, accurate in their quote of how much they felt it was going to take, and the quality of workmanship my son's car would receive. This gave my son and myself great peace of mind that his first car he has ever owned was in very good hands. Alex Black is a first class Service Advisor and Tom Maggerise an outstanding Service Manager. They explained everything in layman's language so that my son understood everything so that this experience was a good life lesson for him. Both Alex and Tom made my son feel like an adult and gave him the respect they would have given me. That made him feel very good. Overall from start to finish, both Alex Black and Tom Maggerise did everything they had promised, under the time frame and under the budget my son could afford. Ms. Black and Mr. Maggerise are an asset to Milam Mazda and I will recommend them easily to everyone I know if they need their vehicle serviced, any make of model. By the way, my son's car is a Subaru, not a Mazda. They can fix anything right the first time. Thank you.
Tom D.
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I am so greatful to God and to my Sales Rep chris. i walked into the dealership looking for my perfect car and i found it with chris's help my 2016 CX-5 Sport. i only went to shop and compare something i thought was gonna be to expensive for me to afford. i am more than happy with the outcome. i would more than recommend this dealer to anyone. This has by far been the best service I had ever gotten!! The most friendly and caring people i have ever had the pleasure of working with. Plus they had cookies and sodas! And we watched tv while we waited...just an amazing experience.
Celenne H.

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  • 2014 IIHS top safety pick
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